Financing Solution for Every Real Estate Buyer


Domestic Investors:

  • USA Residents with credit scores of 630+
  • Fixed & Adjustable interest rate mortgages
  • No minimum loan requirement
  • Up to 80% LTV financing
  • Multi-family units qualify for 75% LTV financing (1-4 family units)
  • Up to four investment properties

Domestic Portfolio Investors

  • USA Residents with credit scores of 630+
  • Multiple property investment
  • Fixed & Adjustable Interest rates start at low 3%
  • 15, 20, or 30 year amortization
  • 70% LTV financing
  • Multi-family units qualify for 65% LTV financing (1-4 family units qualify)
  • 50k minimum loan requirement (per property/mortgage)
  • Total loan exposure of up to $500,000

International & Sub-Prime Investors:

  • No credit score requirement
  • Interest rates start at 8.25%
  • No minimum loan requirement
  • 50-65% LTV Financing
  • Non-recourse financing
  • Retirement accounts eligible

Domestic, International, Retirement & Sub-Prime Portfolio Investors:

  • Recourse and Non-Recourse financing available
  • Minimum credit score of 630+ (No credit score required for non-recourse loan)
  • Up to 75% LTV (Recourse) / Up to 70% LTV (Non-recourse)
  • Portfolio purchase with umbrella mortgages
  • Interest rates start at 6.45%
  • Retirement accounts eligible


Common Q&A section

1. What is the minimum loan amount to purchase a property with financing?

There is no minimum loan requirement for a domestic investor. For international investors seeking financing the minimum purchase price is $60,000.


2. Most of your properties are in Ohio. Could you please tell us why you think Ohio is a good place to invest?

Many reasons:

  • Low capital outlay and high ROI. Investment capital starts from only 35,000! It is a bargain price, with prices up to 50% less than peak value. NET ROI is stronger in these markets dollar for dollar than anywhere else in the country.
  • Cleveland and Akron, Ohio have the top Price-to-Rent ratios and the top two most undervalued markets in the entire USA
  • Ohio has solid economic fundamentals, higher GDP, population growth and job growth
  • There is a massive tenant base with high rents and require a low investment dollar
  • Ohio has lower unemployment and lower vacancies
  • Ohio has strong landlord protection laws
  • Columbus is the 4th most populous capital in the USA


3. What is your business model?

  • Purchase distressed properties in bulk
  • Rehab, renovate and bring up to code
  • Sell a refurbished property to an investor with full management in place
  • Place a tenant in the property on a one year lease and manage all aspects of the property on behalf of the owner


4. Why choose a Section 8 tenant versus a Market Rate tenant for my rental property?

Section 8  its risks and benefits. Sec 8 rents are subsidized by  a U.S. Government housing program. Risks typically include less desirable areas and a lower class of asset.  Benefits are numerous: every month, on the same day, there is no wondering whether the rent is going to be paid.  Knowing your rent will arrive on time  is a luxury in cash flow real estate. The income is more or less guaranteed.  Sec 8 voucher recipients (Tenants) have certain guidelines they must follow, if they do not follow the guidelines then they will lose all privileges.  Therefore, the tenants know they need to abide by a certain set of rules.  Additionally, the Section 8 program requires an annual independent home inspection to ensure the property is still up to all of their codes.


5. What are your renovations standards?

We do all rehabs typically including any or all of the following: flooring, sub flooring, carpet, paint, trim, windows, updated or refinished cabinetry, and updated or refinished baths.  As a general rule of thumb, any mechanics and roofing are replaced if they do not have aminimum of 5 years of life remaining.  All properties are rehabbed either to a good rental standard, or to an owner occupant standard, and are well received by tenants and new owners seeking a clean and updated home.


6. Are these properties free from debts, taxes and liens?

Yes, all purchases are completed via a licensed Title Company and per our standard Purchase & Sale agreement, all properties are to be sold free and clear of any encumbrances or liens of any nature.  Any previous taxes are paid and current taxes due are prorated and paid to the date of closing.  Title insurance is available to ensure a clear and marketable title for all properties sold by our companies.


7. Do these properties come with a warranty?

Yes.  The properties are not only refurbished to a high standard, but we also have tenant guarantees:

  • 12 Month Home Warranty: on major mechanicals
  • 45 Day Rental Guarantee: tenant guaranteed within 45 days of closing or we will lease the property (if sold vacant)
  • 6 Month Tenant Guarantee: a paid tenant is guaranteed for 6 months or management will place a new tenant free of charge


8. How much does property insurance cost and what does it cover?

Property insurance can vary from property to property.  The average cost is $600 annually ($50 monthly).  Insurance is a function of property location, occupancy status, rental history, and other variables, so the cost of insurance can range; however the range is usually minimal.  An excellent benefit of an Ohio investment property is that the state has one of the lowest natural disaster risks in the entire USA.


9. If investors choose a property and want to buy, what is the first step of the purchase process?

After a property is identified and chosen, the investor completes a standard reservation form which contains the necessary buyer’s information for us to prepare a Purchase & Sale Agreement.  To formally reserve the property, the buyer will submit the completed reservation form, electronically sign a Purchase & Sale Agreement and issuebank wire transfer of $5,000 per property ($1,000 per Florida land lot which is sent to the escrow account of the Title Company handling the title transfer and closing.


10. How long does the closing take for each transaction?

We can close our transactions in as little as seven days. We do not wish to take any deposits and hold any properties for longer than thirty days. Most of our transactions are completed within two to three weeks, unless financing is being used.  Financed closings can take up to 45 days.


11. I live overseas and cannot come out to see the property. Is it common to purchase a property sight unseen?

Yes, most of our clients who buy our investment properties have never viewed them in person. Many of those investors have become repeat clients because they gain more confidence in our business operation after the first purchase.  Our business model is structured to require no active management by the property purchaser.  Simply be ready to purchase – we have already done the rest for you.


12. How much is the management fee?

We offer full service property management for 10% of actual collected rent.  The services include, but are not limited to: full tenant/owner communication, monthly accounting and owner statements, &payment of property taxes/utilities/hoa dues/insurance on behalf of the property owner.


13. Do you offer a home inspection?

Yes, we can recommend that you use the services of an independent property inspector.  The inspection company has done dozens of inspections for our clients and due to our volume of business, discounts are available.  Alternatively, you can hire your own independent inspector. Your choice.


14. How does the management company handle repairs?

In the event of a repair or emergency situation, the management company employs its own maintenance technicians.  We do not outsource maintenance jobs unless necessary.  With our 24 hour emergency maintenance hotline, tenants can request service at any time. This ensures quick action and resolution of the issue.  Expenses over a certain amount  require written approval from the property owner. In some instances, leases will require the tenants to be responsible for any maintenance to the property during their lease term.


15. What is your tenant screening process?

Our Property Management has developed a comprehensive screening process which encompasses criminal, financial, and prior eviction history. We have access to a national database which we use in conjunction with an internal income evaluation formula. This process is mandatory for all tenants both private and government backed.


16. Does the tenant provide a security deposit? If so, how much and who holds it?

Yes, the security deposit is paid by the tenant and is in the amount of the monthly rent. The deposit is held by the management company in a designated escrow account as required by law.


17. In the event of non-payment of rent, how long does it take to evict a tenant?

The entire process usually takes about 3-4 weeks.  In Ohio, if a tenant is late on rent management will issue a 3 day eviction notice. Once that period expires and no payment is made, management will proceed to the court with an eviction case against a tenant.


18. What is the average stay time for tenants? Will they renew to stay 3-5 years?

Ohio is not a transient state, tenants typically stay for a long time – as opposed to areas such as New York, Florida, California where tenants tend to move around more.  Many times there are tenants who will be in a property for as long as the investor owns it; 10, 15, 20 years.


19. What are the advantages of your products?

There are several:

  • Low-Cost Entry Point: Our performing property sale prices start from $35,000 and range to$120,000; which offer low carrying costs and expense ratios
  • High Cash-Flow / ROI: Net annual ROI projections between 10-20% on cash sales and even up to 40% when financing
  • Capital Growth: Evidence of upside potential (previous high market sales/values.) Property values are anticipated to continue to appreciate 5% to 8% annually. Cleveland and Akron were rated as the two most undervalued real estate markets in the USA beginning January 2015, presenting enormous opportunities for investors.
  • We don’t invest in any dangerous areas. The areas must be safe enough to send our property management employees.