Assets with 15-20% ROI


Investor Income Properties (IIP) specializes in acquisition, renovation, and portfolio development and growth of high yield assets. We identify markets and canvas opportunities to develop value-added portfolios for our clients. Since its formation in 2008, IIP and its network have sold over 600 residential assets across select markets in the USA. While our acquisitions extend across many markets, our primary locations for high yield assets are currently Cleveland and Akron, Ohio. Our specialized area for appreciation and capital growth assets includes all cities in the South Florida market. Whether apartment buildings, fractured condominium complexes, single family homes or individual condo units, IIP will source, renovate, and initiate a management process that caters to the specific needs of our clients. Today’s market conditions offer unprecedented opportunities and IIP aggressively sources acquisitions via distressed sales, joint ventures, and off-market purchases and sales. IIP’s business model is to provide real estate opportunities that generate between 15-20% ROI. Contact us today to discuss available options for acquiring your specialized portfolio.



South Florida Residential & Commercial Assets & Notes


Investor Income Properties and its network offer the very best in residential and commercial opportunities in Palm Beach, Broward, and Dade counties. In addition to short-sales, REO’s and auctions, our network currently represents over 100 non-performing loans owned by clients or owned in partnership as principals with investors. In the past 24 months, our network have successfully mitigated and disposed of over 200 residential assets on behalf of clients and partners.

As part of our acquisition of non-performing loan portfolios, we seek to find outstanding returns with limited volatility by focusing on assets that trade at deep discounts due to their distressed or illiquid nature. We source assets by using creative strategies to find value where others cannot and also by being flexible in the size and scope of our acquisition requirements.


If you are an investor or institution interested in the purchase of bulk distressed assets or non-performing/performing mortgage loans, please email