In 2007 and 2008, the US suffered an economic collapse that absolutely devastated the real estate market. Some homes plummeted to as much as half of their value. In the face of collapse, saavy investors realized the opportunity of a lifetime.

With the lowest property prices in decades, Investor Income Properties (IIP) was born for the purpose of bringing hands-free profit to interested investors. IIP delivers during the most opportunistic years of our lifetime.

We facilitate the purchase of homes at 40 to 60 percent of peak values, giving investors an incredible capital gains potential in the long-term. In addition, IIP developed the assets and expertise needed to bring short-term returns of 10 to 20 percent annual cash-on-cash return. Our team handles the entire purchase and management process, providing an essentially automated stream of income and increased ROI levels delivered hands-free and turnkey to IIP clients.

With offices in England, China, and the US, we bring expertise and potential to the world of real estate investment. We have built a convenient avenue to invest in US properties for interested clients from all countries. Our carefully curated portfolio draws from low-priced properties with high potential ROI in the short and long term.