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IIP’s business model is to provide turnkey properties with NET ROI between 10-20%, currently available in Ohio (Cleveland/Akron metro-area) & cash-flow properties & Land with significant capital-growth/appreciation potential available in Florida.

  • Ohio: Prices from only 30k and up to 70% less than peak value. ROI up to 18%!
  • Cleveland/Akron: 2012 Moody’s Analytics reports that Cleveland has the #1 Price-to-Rent ratio in the entire USA. CNBC ranks Cleveland the #3 city for best real estate deals. MSN Real Estate ranks Akron as the #3 city for best real estate deals.
  • Florida: Perhaps the hottest real estate market in the world right now and values are rising quickly! Land lots at a discount of up to 80% less than peak value.
  • Florida land set to rise by 31% In a recent combined survey performed by the University of Central Florida, the results show that land values are expected to rise by as much as 31.4% by 2016.
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